Our Philosophy

For the Extraordinary You

The Health Studio is a welcoming, dynamic space for healing and inspiration, led by Chiropractor Dr Carmen Atkinson.

We cultivate connection; to self, to others and to community, and provide resources, opportunities and networks to facilitate personal healing, growth and transformation.

We want you to experience personal exploration and encourage curiosity to unveil the best version of YOURSELF. 

We deliver services that optimise your innate healing potential to move beyond merely surviving, to ultimately thriving – because our foundational belief is that 



There are 5 key pillars of health and lifestyle we actively address –

  1. Your Spine and Nervous System
  2. How you fuel your body
  3. How you move your body
  4. Your mental game
  5. Cultivating a sense of Community and belonging

Our Chiropractors and allied health associates work collaboratively and passionately to help people achieve their desired health goals.

We are committed to delivering excellence of service with best practices, whilst recognising that each individual is on their own health journey.

Our Mission ultimately is to help people recognise and reconnect to their innate potential to live an extraordinary life.