Finding Balance Kinesiology

An holistic approach to dealing with stress.

We all experience stress in our lives. This can be due to our work, health, relationships, family, finances or a combination of these. 

Sometimes the stress can take over… we have days where we need a little support. On those days kinesiology has your back.

The tough days when we feel overwhelmed, frustrated, confused and don’t know what to do, the key is addressing our emotions and feelings – this is when we start to feel a shift and things get easier.

What to expect at your session

During a session we are looking for anywhere in the body that is holding stress. The effects of stress can be physical, emotional or nutritional.

Using a range of techniques, we work to release the stress, bringing balance back to the body.

Sessions are carried out in private room, where I create a safe and relaxing space. 



During the session you will be laying down on a massage table. The process is very gentle – a light pressure is applied to a muscle to assess where the body needs support.

At the end of a session you will be given a written summary and anything that you will need to do after the session.

A session lasts for 1 hour for adults or 30-40 minutes for children under 12years.

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Meet Ruth...

“I was feeling frustrated and confused… I had been advised that to help my long-term digestive issue I needed to avoid stress.  How was that even possible?

When I discovered kinesiology, it was such a relief and I had a sense of clarity; I wasn’t broken. I need to learn how to process stress, not avoid it.

Since then, like many people, I have been through several pretty stressful times and kinesiology has always been there to support me.  Kinesiology allows me to handle and deal with the situation.

I knew this was something I had to share.” 

Ruth Hotson

Ruth is an incredible kinesiologist. I highly recommend her. Ruth has got me through so many moments in life that would have otherwise broken me. 

The best part of being a client of Ruth’s is that I feel a sense of relief in life. Knowing what comes up can be released. The pain & physical problems can be healed by addressing the emotions and old beliefs that no longer serve you.

She provides a safe nurturing place for you.

Her work allows you to move on from your past & find peace.”


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