Are You Recovering From Chronic Pain?

The road to recovery can be an undulating experience, rarely (if ever) is it linear.

We don’t just go from chronic pain to progressively feeling better.  We have “good” days, we have “challenging” days.  Sometimes we feel as though we are taking two steps forward, one step back.

If you’ve been suffering chronic pain, your body has adapted and compensated for that experience and for the dysfunction that is at the root of your pain.  As we restore and correct the structure and function of your body and spine, and as you make better lifestyle choices, your body may initially resist this process. There may be a period of instability as things change, as you change!

Your body is letting go of old patterns and re-establishing new ones.  It takes time, it’s a process.  Try not to get frustrated on this journey (easier said than done, I know!), but it’s a process worth taking for a better YOU and a more extraordinary life!

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