Is Your Body Trying To Tell you Something?

Pain is often considered a “bad” thing, however the primary innate purpose of pain is to alert the body and mind of potential damage.

Pain serves to protect you from further harm, unfortunately though, we too often ignore the messages our body is telling us and the pain becomes chronic in nature.

“Listen to the whispers of your body, so you don’t have to hear it scream”

Pain perception can be very complex and unique to every individual and can completely affect the quality of your life unnecessarily.

The sensation of pain is influenced by many factors, some obvious and others more subtle. 

Factors include;

  • General health and fitness

  • Previous injuries and trauma

  • Past experiences with pain

  • Inflammation and toxicity of the body

  • Age and Gender

  • Levels of fatigue

  • Constant stressors

  • Emotional well being and mental health

At The Health Studio we aim to explore the possible influencing factors of your pain, helping us better serve you in your health journey. 

We adopt a holistic approach to managing or preventing unnecessary pain and suffering.

These include;

  • Restoring spinal function and nerve flow

  • Recommending regular exercise and movement, appropriate to you

  • Postural correction (a major influence on pain perception)

  • Advice about optimal nutrition, sleep practices and stress management

  • Social support

Whilst managing pain, especially of a chronic nature can be complex, we believe that a holistic approach that begins with restoring spinal health, will not only help you manage your pain, it will boost the quality of your life.  Click the button below to book your appointment at The Health Studio now.