Pain Theory VS Functional Theory

When you think about your experience with pain and the impact it has had, or having on your life, is your goal to simply decrease/stop your pain OR would you prefer to return to an optimal level of function?

This is the difference between Pain theory and Functional theory.          

Simply “feeling good” doesn’t necessarily mean everything is ok.  

Let’s use the example of a Headache.  There is a reason for the throbbing pain behind your eyes, but rather than exploring those reasons, you take a Panadol.  The pain reduces, maybe even alleviates the pain completely.  But does this mean the problem is gone? Without identifying and correcting the underlying reason for your headache, chances are the headache will come back.  

If we only focus on reducing pain, whether that be via taking pain medication, or hands on treatment, unless we address the functionality of a problem, we run the risk of the pain returning, and possibly even exacerbating the problem over time.


At The Health Studio we believe it is important to not only reduce your pain, but focus on the function of the whole body and spine, moving you beyond pain, helping to prevent relapses and ultimately to help you experience your best self, without limitation.  Click the Book now button to discuss your pain with us.